Kid Yoga and Horticulture for Kids

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What is Kid Yoga?

Kid Yoga is committed to fostering positive emotional growth, encouraging imaginative thinking, expanding self confidence, and promoting physical health and well being in kids. Classes are unique in design and are structured to include music, games, and active imaginations in the creation of an environment that invites children to get involved. It is a program devoted to the enhancement of the potential present in all children. More specifically, it is a method of teaching – through yoga – the value of exercise and creative visualization; aligning body, mind, and spirit. The exercises are designed to promote body awareness, mental focus, and release tension. With nurturing guidance and loving patience, every child that enters the program will feel free to open their minds generating creative energy and expanding their awareness while having loads of fun!

We have adult classes too!

Our Mission

Kid Yoga is an organization with the ultimate purpose of establishing the union between body, mind, and spirit of children; guiding them to recognize the connection we share between each other, the earth, and the power of intention.