Amberlink is new breed to KIS Farm. As its name suggests, it is a sex linked breed, so you have an increased chance of hen. These have been bred for serious egg production, are physically hardy, and should be excellent foragers. If you are looking for a no-nonsense free-ranging flock, but still need to avoid roosters, this is a neat new option!

KIS Tip: Lightly colored chickens, or chickens with high visible contrast to their surroundings are at a slightly greater risk of being snatched by a predator. When planning a free ranging flock, be sure to remember that intelligence and appearance both play a factor.

Egg Color: Light Brown

Friendliness: **

Egg Laying:  *****

Survival Instinct: ****

Fun Fact: Chickens are pretty good about eating to their nutritional needs. Free ranging birds with plenty of access to nutrient dense foods, will naturally make nutritionally dense and delicious eggs. Liz, our store manager, tells us that her favorite KIS Farm eggs always come from the chickens that are the best foragers. If Amberlink hens really lay and forage like they say, they stand to have some of the most delicious big eggs around!