Ancona chicks look a little like orca whales. The cute babies grow up to be wide ranging adventurous chickens. As a Mediterranean breed, they tend to be inquisitive, quick on their feet, and have larger combs. This is an ideal hen for a free ranger in a hot climate--perfect for your Leavenworth flock! For Redmond backyards, owners can enjoy a bird with descent camouflage and foraging skills, that lays a white egg.

KIS Tip: You can often tell what color eggs a hen lays based on the color of her earlobes. Anconas tend to have bright white earlobes (although sometimes this is cream), and they lay white eggs. A lot of backyard chicken keepers stay away from white egg layers because they want the brown eggs, but one white layer in your flock gives you more specific information about the health of your flock, and a delightfully diverse egg basket.

Egg Color: White

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ***

Survival Instinct: ****

Fun Fact: The Ancona was bred up to standard in England, but originally came from Ancona, Italy. This port-site town is located on an elbow shaped peninsula, and the root of the word "Ancona" comes from the Greek word "Αγκων" (ankon) which means "Elbow."  So you could call these ladies Elbow Chickens...Windex not included.