Baby Chicks, Ducks, and Turkeys

Important informational guides for chicken owners:

What to do if you have a rooster 

Poultry Feeding Guide

What do I need to raise a baby chick? (Coming Soon)


Currently Available

Buff Orpington (Hatched 7/1)

KIS Farm Turkeys- Royal Palm x Blue Slate (Hatched 5/10)


Spring 2017 Orders

All birds are listed by their hatch date. All birds are sexed unless otherwise noted. 

SR = Straight Run (50% of males)

Hatched 2/25
Cream Legbar Cockerels (non vaccinated, locally hatched)

Hatched 4/12
French Black Copper Marans, Black Langshan

Hatched 4/17
Gold Laced Wyandotte

KIS Farm Chicks–locally hatched from our flock. Non-vaccinated, SR. (Rooster is a Cream Legbar/Golden Duckwing Phoenix, Hens are assorted, some are clearly Easter Eggers.)

Hatched 4/26
Delaware, California Gray

Hatched 5/8
Ducks: Cayuga (SR), Khaki Campbell (SR)

Hatched 5/10
Red Sexlink, Jersey Giant, White Cochin, Welsummer, Buckeye, Black Sumatra (SR), Golden Duckwing Phoenix (SR), Black Sexlink.

Turkeys: KIS Farm Turkeys, locally incubated from our Royal Palm tom and his Blue Slate hens. (SR)

Hatched 5/16
Turkeys: Royal Palm

Hatched 5/17
Silver Laced Wyandotte, Gold Laced Wyandotte

Hatched 5/31
French Black Copper Marans, Easter Egger (Pullets), Silkie (SR), Easter Egger Bantam (SR), Golden Comet (sexlink).

Hatched 7/1
Buff Orpington