Bantam Ameraucana

Bantam Ameraucana offers everything you love about the regular Ameraucana in an itsy bitsy package. At KIS, our bantam Ameraucana (pictured below) is an excellent forager, and her little blue eggs are easily the tastiest of the whole flock. She is easily one of our favorite birds. These bantams have very efficient bodies, which allow them to perch higher, hide more easily, and scout around for the best food. The combination of the small "pea comb" and the well feathered body, makes this a very good bantam option for our PNW climate.

KIS Tip: Bantams, with a few exceptions, are usually heavily bred--much like toy breed dogs. Because of their size, they are also very hard to sex, which means they are usually sold straight run. Even as they grow they can be tricky to sex until they are fully grown. Bantam hens are notorious for holding their tails upright, like cockerels, frustrating chicken keepers the world over. Be sure to have a backup plan in case your banty starts bellowing.

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  **

Survival Instinct: ***

Fun Fact: Easter Eggers are NOT Ameraucanas, and Araucaunas are NOT Ameraucanas.  All could lay a blue egg...and they are related. Confused yet? First there was the Araucauna: a fancy breed from Chile, with really really striking blue eggs. This breed had some lethal genetic tendencies, so in the US it was modified to have more genetic strength, and thus became the Ameraucauna. Because the blue egg gene tends to be dominant, and because most chicken owners don't care about breed specifics or showing, most "Ameraucanas" do not meet breed standards, and really are just Easter Eggers. True Ameraucanas have distinctly blue eggs. Easter Eggers have blue/green eggs that can range wildly in color from pale yellow to pink to blue.