Black Ameraucana

Black Ameraucana combines the striking black feathers known to so many other breeds, with the enchanting pale blue egg of true Ameraucana lineage. The birds we are carrying in 2018 comes from the John Blehm line, and has since been bred by Cackle Hatchery to produce the bluest eggs possible.

KIS Tip: Like so many things, the intensity of the signature Ameraucana blue egg will fade over time. We like to think of it as: always changing, always beautiful.

Egg Color: Light Blue

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ***

Survival Instinct: **

Fun Fact: Easter Eggers are NOT Ameraucanas, and Araucaunas are NOT Ameraucanas.  All could lay a blue egg...and they are related. Confused yet? First there was the Araucauna: a fancy breed from Chile, with really really striking blue eggs. This breed had some lethal genetic tendencies, so in the US it was modified to have more genetic strength, and thus became the Ameraucauna. Because the blue egg gene tends to be dominant, and because most chicken owners don't care about breed specifics or showing, most "Ameraucanas" do not meet breed standards, and really are just Easter Eggers. True Ameraucanas have distinctly blue eggs. Easter Eggers have blue/green eggs that can range wildly in color from pale yellow to pink to blue.