Black Jersey Giant

Black Jersey Giant is the ideal breed for folks who like 'em big! These buxom ladies can reach 10 pounds! Unfortunately...they reach full size later in life than the average chicken (around 7 months), which make them poor meat birds from an economical point of view. Their ample size does however afford them greater predator protection, so flocks concerned more with hawks than economics would do well to consider a Jersey Giant or two. Personality-wise, they are gentle giants, and the hens make good mothers.

KIS Tip: Jersey Giant roosters can be 13 pounds, while hens from most other breeds are around 6 pounds or less.  Please keep this in mind when choosing a Jersey Giant rooster. A petite hen may still squat for the giant roo, but her hips likely won't be able to handle it, and he could kill her, even if he is gentle. Likewise, if your eggs aren't thickly shelled, the 10 pound hen, may be a danger to a brood or an egg basket--keep this in mind if you want your Jersey giant hen to brood a mixed flock with very delicate chicks.

Egg Color: Light Brown (HUGE!)

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ***

Survival Instinct: ***

Fun Fact: the Jersey Giant is new Jersey's answer to the turkey. It was originally a cross of several large breeds in an attempt to make turkey substitute. They were used as capons (castrati meat birds), but discontinued commercially, as more quickly growing breeds soon took their place.