Farm and Feed Supplies

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We offer feed from Conway, Payback, Equis, Scratch and Peck, Modesto Organics, Taste of the Wild, and more!

NOTE: If it's not a feed we stock, we may be able to special order it. 


Conway Organic Layer Pellet  Conway Layer Pellet Conway Layer Crumble
Scratch & Peck Organic Layer Scratch & Peck Organic Grower Scratch & Peck Organic Chick Starter
Payback Organic Hatch to Hen Payback Organic Layer Pellet Payback Hatch to Hen
Payback All Purpose Poultry Payback Chick Starter

Payback Organic Chick Starter

NEW - Modesto Organic Finisher Pellet (Developer) NEW - Modesto Organic Turkey/Quail Starter



 Equis Element Equis Golden Senior Equis Performance
NEW - Equis TEFF Natural Equis Daily 35% Equis Rice Bran Pellets
Conway Senior Horse


 Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Taste of the Wild Prairie
Taste of the Wild Wetlands Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain
Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley



Conway Rabbit 17% Conway Rabbit 21%
Payback Organic Rabbit 17% Payback Rabbit 16%

Modesto Organic Rabbit 17%
Corn & Soy Free



NEW- Modesto Organic Duck Layer Pellet  Payback Waterfowl 


Wild Bird

NEW- Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Wild Bird Feed

Conventional Black Oil Sunflower Seeds Flax Seed (Organic and Conventional)
Wheat Seeds (Organic and Conventional) Barley Seeds (Organic and Conventional)
Cracked Corn (Organic and Conventional)