French Black Copper Marans

French Black Copper Marans are a beautiful lesson in supply and demand. An old import ban has resulted in a very limited amount of genetic diversity of this breed in North America, which means it is a little harder to find, and a little more expensive than your average bird. Fortunately for all involved, this bird is worth it! Of the Marans, the FBCM has the darkest brown eggs. They are also renown for their impressive chicken skills. Of all the breeds of rooster we've seen here at KIS, we love the FBCM the most! Our first rooster was named Rodrigo (pictured below with his flock), and was a very friendly and polite rooster both to people and chickens--not to mention, he was HANDSOME! We've even heard tell of a FBCM rooster that was picked up by a bird of prey, killed it, and then floated back down to be with his ladies. Not too bad for a feather footed bird from France!

KIS Tip: This breed is a little harder to sex based on feather growth. Some hatcheries only guarantee a 75% accuracy rate, so be sure to have a backup plan.

Egg Color: Super Dark Brown

Friendliness: ***

Egg Laying:  ****

Survival Instinct: ****

Fun Fact:  There is much debate in the world of online chickens as whether to call this breed "Maran" or "Marans." In the French language, this "s" was once pronounced and therefore has etymological significance, and is still pronounced occasionally (such as in the English "a/an"). The English tendency is to drop this silent consonant, but technically this is incorrect. In the case of the Marans, these breeds were named after a commune, so it seems appropriate to us keep the "s," regardless of what auto-correct may think. After all we don't spell Paris: P-A-R-I.