Golden Comet

Golden Comet is a well loved sex-linked hybrid cross between a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen. Sex link chickens are sexually dimorphic at hatch, meaning the sexes can be clearly distinguished based on appearance. So, instead of a 95% chance of female, your pullets are 99% female. That may seem small, but with a 5% chance of roster and a 10 bird flock, you have a 50/50 chance you'll have to give up the kid's favorite bird when little Leia turns out to be a Luke (and yes, the rooster is always the favorite). These have been bred for serious egg production (330 a year!), don't generally go broody, and are known to have pretty friendly temperament. If you want good layers and no roosters, this is an excellent option

KIS Tip: Sex linked chickens, since they are hybrids, do not breed true to type. This means if you have a golden comet hen and a golden comet rooster, they will not make auto-sexing babies just like them. If you want to get into chicken breeding, start with standard or heritage breeds instead.

Egg Color: Light Brown

Friendliness: ***

Egg Laying:  *****

Survival Instinct: ***

Fun Fact: Golden Comet is the only sex-linked breed we get specific requests for here at KIS. Everyone loves the golden girls!