Honeycrisp Apple

Outstanding fresh-eating apple that is a local favorite. Fruit is delicious with a juicy, crisp texture. Can easily be kept in fridge for long term storage. Young trees typically have a lower density of large, well-colored fruit, while mature trees have higher fruit density of fruit with diminished size and color quality. Fruit density can be adjusted through removal of blossom clusters or young fruit to counteract the effect. Flesh firmness is also generally better with lower crop densities.

  • Botanical name: Malus pumila 'Honeycrisp'
  • Zone range: 3 - 6
  • Size at maturity: 12 - 15' Tall X 12 - 15' Wide
  • Harvest: Early September
  • Sun level: Full sun
  • Soil composition: Loamy
  • Soil moisture: Well-drained
  • Optimal soil pH: 6.0 - 7.0
  • Years to bear: 2 - 5

Pollinators: Golden Delicious, Gala, Red Delicious, Cortland, Granny Smith, Liberty, Pink Lady, Fuji

 Ripe Honeycrisp apples on the tree 11 October 2009 Author	MikeyMoose