Olive Egger

Olive Egger, like the Easter Egger is not a purebred chicken. They can be a wide variety of mixtures of a dark brown egg layer and a true blue egg layer, and do not breed true. The result, however, is a hen that lays olive yellow/green colored eggs. This is a fun addition for any flock that wants a rainbow of eggs for the table.

KIS Tip: Because this breed isn't pure, and could be made up of any number of combinations of other breeds, the exact egg color can't be guaranteed. You may get an olive green egg, but sometimes they lean more brown than green. If you want a guarantee of an egg color, you'll need to get a started pullet (a young chicken that just began to lay).

Egg Color: Olive Green

Friendliness: ***

Egg Laying:  ***

Survival Instinct: **

Fun Fact: The rooster in the photo is a cross between a Black Ameraucana and a Welsummer (Courtesy of Cackle Hatchery).