Red Sexlink

Red Sexlink -- When in doubt, the red sexlink is a really safe bet for a suburban backyard flock, especially for a family with kids that actually cares about egg production. They tend to be really easy going and friendly, and a little bit lacking in survival instinct. This makes them pretty comfortable with cramped suburban living and attentive 7-year-olds. It's friendly personality makes it really common for the plain Jane Red Sexlink to be the flock favorite.

Sexlink chickens are sexually dimorphic at hatch, meaning the sexes can be clearly distinguished based on appearance. So, instead of a 95% chance of female, your pullets are 99% female. That may seem small, but with a 5% chance of roster and a 10 bird flock, you have a 50/50 chance you'll have to give up the kid's favorite bird when little Hermione turns out to be a Ron (and yes, the rooster is always the favorite). 

KIS Tip: Red Sexlink females tend to be reddish in color, and Red Sexlink males tend to be yellowish in color. Use this as a guide to double check your chicks before purchase to increase your chances of taking home a hen. The differing appearances of baby chicks are a lot for a feed store trainee to take in the week before Easter, and if the hatchery shipped the wrong chicks to the feed store, they might have no way of knowing. If you really need to avoid a rooster, be sure to check your chicks yourself, it's not foolproof, but a quick glance can avoid an emotionally costly mistake.   

Egg Color: Light Brown

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ****

Survival Instinct: **

Fun Fact: Red Sexlink are a hybrid between a Rhode Island Red Rooster, and a Delaware hen. They get their looks from Dad, a petite but efficient body from mom, and stellar egg laying from both sides.