Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles What has five toes, a beard, and used to frequent the markets of Paris? The Faverolles Chicken! These continental ladies are a favorite breed of KIS Farm staff. They were originally a dual purpose breed, but have been used more for show since this breed left France. Originally this was the most popular egg on the street markets of Paris, as the Faverolles breed bares confinement well and is a good layer of pinkish-brown eggs. The roosters are also known to be on the quieter side!

KIS Tip: These gals have very interesting feet. Most breeds have 4 toes while the Faverolles has 5. They also have feathered feet. This trait is ornamental, and in our muddy moist climate is not a first recommendation. Many folks successfully raise feather-footed chickens in our climate, but special attention should be paid to this trait, as it is a potential vector for cuts and infections like bumble-foot.

Egg Color: Pinkish-Light Brown

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ***

Survival Instinct: ***

Fun Fact: This breed is often listed as either Faverolle or Faverolles, both as the singular. This is a common discrepancy in french breeds, as many french singular nouns end in a silent "s".  In the French language, this "s" was once pronounced and therefore has etymological significance, and is still pronounced occasionally (such as in the english "a/an"). The English tendency is to drop this silent consonant, but technically this is incorrect. In the case of the Faverolles, this breed was named after a city, so it seems appropriate to us keep the "s," regardless of what auto-correct may think. After all we don't spell Paris: P-A-R-I.