Chicken Breeds: Frizzle Bantam Cochin

Frizzle Bantam Cochin is a top pick for folks who like chickens but wished they looked more ridiculous. These fluff balls has been bred for looks and little else. They are cute and quirky, but have been heavily bred and are very prone to genetic defects. Because their feathers essentially grow the wrong way, they are not cold or heat hardy. We had a little black Frizzle Bantam Cochin cockerel we named Tim (he was an enchanter), but he dropped dead before he could crow because of a genetic defect. These guys get points for looks and personality, but are not recommended for a back-yard-free-ranging-first-timer-flock.

KIS Tip: These little cuties are bred for a incompletely dominant feather gene. As a result, about 25% of frizzles have the gene, but don't frizzle at all. If you are buying baby frizzles, they probably won't have their adult feathers, which means there is a chance your frizzle will just be a regular bantam Cochin with an invisible genetic defect. If you wait until the chicks start getting adult feathers (about 2 weeks), then you can visually tell whether or not your frizzle will appear as desired.

Egg Color: cream, small 

Friendliness: *****

Egg Laying:  *

Survival Instinct: *

Fun Fact: Frizzle is a general term for any chicken that has been bred to have feathers that grow the wrong way--essentially a genetic defect that humans liked. If they are just listed as "Frizzle," you are most likely dealing with a Frizzle Cochin. This makes sense, because Cochins are already quite fluffy to begin with--they even have feathered legs! You can have a Frizzle of any breed. While Cochin are the most popular, there are also Polish Frizzles (because they weren't having a bad enough hair day already), and Silkie Frizzles (called "Sizzles"). In parts of Europe and in Australia there is an official Frizzle breed, but not here in the US.