Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex is one of KIS Farm's favorite breeds. They are very sweet, solid layers, and have a very interesting appearance. Their speckles help them blend in with foliage and hide from predators. We recommend this breed for families who want a sweet, interesting flock. These ladies are chill enough to be comfortable with humans, and streetwise enough to do well free ranging. As such, they are the consummate teammate for any family or flock.

KIS Tip: You can vaguely tell the age of the Speckled Sussex by how many spots it has.  Every year when they molt, the new feathers have more spots than before.

Egg Color: Brown

Friendliness: ****

Egg Laying:  ****

Survival Instinct: ****

Fun Fact: We fell in love with this breed from the very beginning. Tad's first chicken was, Queenie, a Speckled Sussex. She was always a consistently trustworthy and friendly member of the flock. When the rooster wasn't around, she would break up fights, without being too aggressive. Once she even helped us catch a chicken who needed some serious medical care! Let's hear it for the original member of the KIS Farm team, Queenie, may she rest in peace!